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Codenica Inventory
IT Inventory Management Software

Codenica Inventory is used to manually manage the company's inventory of computer hardware and software, licenses and consumables. The application allows balanced management of IT resources and recording of all inventoried events, such as: repairs, service, upgrades and maintenance.

Users can use the Codenica Audit software to automate the process of creating and updating the inventory.

Codenica Inventory enables sharing of inventory database records by multiple Users in the network (each access workstation requires a separate license) using a detailed configurable permission system.

The application works with any Microsoft SQL Server (free or commercial, version 2005 and upwards).

Codenica Audit Logo - application for auditing and tracking IT software and hardware
Codenica Audit
IT Audit and Asset Tracking Software

Codenica Audit is used to perform remote audits of network computers and automatic audits of the company software’s licensing status as well as Help Desk processes support.

The application allows remote scanning of IT assets:
• using the installed Agents,
• without Agents (DCOM remote scanning)
• using a supplied Desktop Scanner program.

Codenica Audit is also used to track Users working on end workstations.
It provides detailed data including:
• tracking the running applications and windows,
• tracking Internet usage (HTTP), tracking printing activities,
• tracking hardware and software changes, tracking USB disk usage

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