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Helpdesk & Service Desk with Asset Management Software

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Streamlined Help Desk & Service Desk Solutions with Integrated Asset Management

Centralize All Customer Communications and Assets on One Platform for Efficient Support Monitoring

A Simple and Modern Software

  • Work on any device (desktop, tablet, mobile) from anywhere, in your preferred theme (dark, light).
  • Choose whether you want to support external customers or, as an IT department, provide services to employees within your own company.
  • Manage your company's assets and customer inquiries in one software with built-in live chat and messaging system.
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Asset Management Made Simple

Easily Customize and Categorize Your Company's Assets, Linking Them to Documents and Users for Streamlined Management

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Asset Management

  • Inventorize any assets in your own style. Register their purchase documents, warranties, and assign them to users.
  • Create relationships with other assets by combining them into sets and control the history of all their activities.
  • Add and manage assets directly within tickets, changes, problems, and releases in the Help Desk & Service Desk system.

Comprehensive Client and Asset Management

Effortlessly Track Who Uses Which Assets, Alongside Related Invoices, Warranties, and Vendor Details

Starter Plan Features Overview

Explore the Extensive Customer Service Options Our Help Desk and Service Desk System Offers, Even in the Most Budget-Friendly Plan


Ticketing System

Deeply customizable ticketing system catering to all kinds of requests from clients or employees.


Asset Management

Creating and managing corporate assets, linking them in relationships with others, and assigning to users.


Client Portal

View assigned assets, use the Knowledge Base, send messages, chat with support, and report issues.


Knowledge Base

Develop, modify, and instantly share with clients pre-designed solutions for frequent issues.


Live Chat

Live chat operating in real-time between team members, and between clients or employees and support.


Messaging System

Send messages with attached files, both among team members and between a client or employee and support.

Accessible Modern Client Portal

Offer Exceptional Service Anytime, Anywhere with a Modern Client Portal, Featuring Live Chat, a Messaging System, and Ticketing Access

24/7 Self-Service Portal

  • Your clients have access to the Knowledge Base, which provides ready-made solutions for recurring requests, enhancing the efficiency of our Help Desk & Service Desk solutions.
  • Get closer to your customers by communicating through the integrated live chat and messaging system, a core feature of our Helpdesk & Service Desk platform.
  • Allow your clients or employees to view assets, documents, and tickets assigned to them, ensuring seamless management and support through our Help Desk & Service Desk system.
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Collaborative Issue Resolution

Enhance Teamwork with Our Collision Detection System, Ensuring Synchronized Efforts in Problem Solving


Collision Detection

Real-time collision detection shows team members' activity in the app, whether editing or viewing, and alerts when editing the same ticket or asset.

Screenshot of the Codenica Help Desk & Service Desk App Displaying Avatar Icons with Collision Detection System

Expanding Ticketing System Capabilities

Beyond Basic Prioritization: Uncover the Full Potential of Our Ticketing System to Improve Your Service Management

Strategic Ticket Management

Address Complex Requests with a Structured Approach for More Effective Resolutions in Our Advanced Help Desk & Service Desk


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Knowledge Base: A Dual-Purpose Tool

Unlock the Power of Our Knowledge Base for Both Clients and Support Staff, Enhancing Information Accessibility and Support Quality


Knowledge Base

Empower your customers with a self-service hosted help center through our Knowledge Base, allowing them to find answers independently. Simultaneously, provide your support team with quick access to internal knowledge, assisting them in addressing queries they may not immediately know the answer to.

Screenshot Showcasing the Knowledge Base Interface in the Codenica Help Desk & Service Desk System

Mastering ITSM/ITIL-Compliant Change Management

Exclusively in the Enterprise Plan: Implement Seamless Change Management to Keep Pace with Business Evolution


Change Management

Our Service Desk software, designed for the Enterprise Plan users, revolutionizes the way changes in IT infrastructure and applications are managed. By adhering to ITSM/ITIL guidelines, it ensures that every modification minimizes risk and disruption, maintaining a smooth operational flow.

Screenshot of the Service Desk System Displaying the Codenica Change Management Interface

Advanced Problem Management for Enterprises

With the Enterprise Plan, Navigate Complex IT Challenges Using Our ITIL/ITSM-Ready Tools for Superior Problem Resolution


Problem Management

Elevate your IT service management with our sophisticated Problem Management feature, part of our Service Desk offering for Enterprise Plan subscribers. This tool is designed to delve deep into the root causes of IT issues, facilitating not just a temporary fix but a long-term resolution and prevention strategy.

Screenshot from the Codenica Service Desk System Showing the Problem Management Interface

Streamlined ITIL/ITSM-Compliant Release Management

Optimized for the Enterprise Plan: Facilitate Efficient Release Processes to Ensure Consistent Service Quality


Release Management (ITSM / ITIL)

With our Release Management tool, your team gains the ability to oversee the entire release process, from initial planning to final deployment. This ensures not only the smooth introduction of new features and updates but also the maintenance of system integrity and performance post-release. Equip your organization with the tools it needs to manage releases efficiently, minimizing disruptions and maximizing operational excellence.

Screenshot from the Codenica Service Desk System Displaying the Release Management Interface

Gamification at Work

Engage and Motivate with Our Gamified System, Rewarding Every Action to Encourage Continuous Improvement

Level Up Like a Boss

  • No matter whether you're creating or editing assets, resolving tickets, or developing new solutions in the Knowledge Base - for all your actions, you'll earn XP points.
  • Collect XP points and unlock stylish frames for your avatar, subtly letting everyone know you're the office star!
  • Gaining XP points also allows you to unlock colorful backgrounds, which you can use on your profile page.
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Uncovering the Details That Enhance Efficiency

It’s the Small Details in Our Help Desk & Service Desk Software That Drive Significant Improvements and Work Satisfaction


Real-Time Data Refreshing

Every saved change is immediately updated across all instances in our Helpdesk Software. This ensures that your team always has access to the most current information, eliminating the risk of working on outdated data. The feature supports decision-making with the latest insights, enhancing team collaboration and efficiency.


Bulk Actions

Edit items in bulk and create multi-object relationships in one go within our Help desk Software. This capability significantly speeds up administrative tasks, reduces manual errors, and improves overall workflow productivity. It allows for more time to be spent on strategic tasks rather than repetitive data entry, streamlining project management and operational processes.


Tickets Within Tickets

Link tickets and edit the connected ones within the main ticket in our Helpdesk Software. This nested structure organizes complex issues into manageable segments, making it easier to track the progress of interconnected tasks. It fosters a more organized and systematic approach to problem-solving, enhancing the clarity and effectiveness of your team's communication.

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