Codenica - IT Management System

Codenica Inventory + Codenica Audit

IT Management System

Download free versions

Download free versions
for 10 computers (PC)

Requirements :
Windows 7/8/10
.NET Framework 4.6.2

Codenica Inventory

Manage your IT hardware and software assets

  • Asset management (RODO / GDPR)
  • Shared database (MS SQL)
  • Consumable management
  • Timetable management
  • Inventory management
  • Service and maintenance management
  • Repair and modernization management
  • Cooperation with Codenica Audit

Codenica Audit

Audit and monitor your company's computers

  • 3 types of Scanning Windows devices
  • Comprehensive asset information
  • Monitoring software usage
  • Software licenses management
  • Helpdesk (VNC / RDP / Screen preview)
  • Remote file and registry management
  • Blocking unauthorized USB devices
  • Cooperation with Codenica Inventory

Codenica Inventory Gallery

Codenica Inventory - IT asset management
Codenica Inventory - Inventory management
Codenica Inventory - Service and maintenance management

Codenica Audit Gallery

Codenica Audit - Monitoring software usage
Codenica Audit - Software licenses management
Codenica Audit - Blocking unauthorized USB devices
Comprehensive It assets management

Codenica Audit + Codenica Inventory


Codenica Audit and Codenica Inventory are software designed to be used both independently and individually. Combine their individual characteristics into a comprehensive IT asset management system in the company.

Use Codenica Audit to perform periodic software audits, computer monitoring, and helpdesk support. Export the audit results to the MS SQL database in Codenica Inventory, and share this data with other users. Extend your asset management data collection in Codenica Inventory by adding non-networked devices, company's phones, consumables, utilities, and other equipment in the company. Register RODO / GDPR data, software and license upgrades, repairs, services, maintenance, and more.

Premium Licences

Codenica Inventory
Manage your IT hardware and software assets

Codenica Audit
Audit and monitor your company's computers