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Ticketing System Software for Managing Requests from Your Clients or Employees

Manage support tickets with a customizable and user-friendly ticketing system in the Helpdesk and Service Desk application

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Preferred Viewing Options in Ticketing System

Flexible Ticket Management Through Diverse Views

Intuitive Yet Comprehensive Ticketing in Helpdesk Software

Advanced Customizable Ticket Management Features

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Efficient Ticketing System

  • Integrated Ticket Management: Link assets, documents, connect and edit tickets, including bulk changes.
  • Rich Ticket Features: Includes requested items, approvals, notes, email logs, task/time management, and activity history.
  • Core Management Tools: Features SLA, tags, categories, rich-text with attachments, urgency, impact, severity, and affected services.

Agile Workflows in Help Desk Ticketing System

Enhancing Customer Support Efficiency

Diverse Ticket Types for Comprehensive Support

Streamlining Issue Resolution with Specific Ticket Categories


Incident Management

Use incident tickets to swiftly address and minimize the impact of critical situations on customer satisfaction and business continuity.


Service Requests Fulfillment

Service request tickets cater to executing specific customer needs or providing designated services, ensuring requests are efficiently processed and fulfilled.

Tailoring Ticket Properties for Enhanced Management

Customizing Every Aspect of Ticket Handling


Flexible Configuration of Ticket Attributes

Our ticketing system offers unparalleled flexibility in configuring ticket properties, allowing every attribute to be adjusted, disabled, or renamed according to your operational needs. Tailor visibility settings to determine which properties are exposed in the Client Portal, ensuring a customizable experience that can hide or display information based on the ticket context. This level of customization empowers you to align the ticketing process closely with your ITSM/ITIL practices, enhancing both agent efficiency and client satisfaction.

Screenshot showcasing ticket property configuration in the Codenica helpdesk application

Integrating Assets and Documents with Tickets

Streamlined Attachment Process for Comprehensive Issue Resolution


Enhancing Ticket Context with Attachments

In our helpdesk software, the seamless integration of assets and documents into tickets significantly accelerates the resolution process. By enabling attachments directly to tickets, agents gain immediate access to all relevant information, ensuring a more informed, efficient, and effective response to each customer request. This functionality not only simplifies the management of requests but also aligns with ITSM/ITIL practices by providing a holistic view of each issue within its operational context.

Screen from Codenica Helpdesk software showing assets and documents attached to a ticket.

Enhancing Resolution Through Ticket Linking

Streamlined Issue Management with Ticket Associations


Facilitating Connected Ticket Handling

Our help desk software's ticket association feature streamlines issue resolution by allowing agents to work on related tickets from within a unified main ticket view. This capability fosters a more organized approach to ticket management, ensuring that interconnected issues are addressed together, enhancing efficiency and coherence in problem-solving. It aligns with ITSM/ITIL methodologies by maintaining a structured and integrated process for handling complex or multipart requests.

Screenshot showing a ticket linked with the main ticket in Codenica Ticket Management software

Centralized Client Communication Hub

Unified Email Correspondence within Ticket Management


Streamlined Client Interactions

Our help desk software's ticketing system centralizes all client communication, ensuring every email exchange related to a ticket is consolidated in a single, accessible location. This feature enables seamless information exchange directly within the ticket, where messages are instantly visible in the Client Portal and simultaneously dispatched via email. It enhances transparency, facilitates better client service, and aligns with ITSM/ITIL principles by providing a coherent, traceable history of all client interactions.

Screenshot showing emails organized in the 'Conversations' group inside a ticket in Codenica Help Desk software

Enhancing Communication with Public and Private Notes

Flexible Note Management within Ticketing


Versatile Note-Taking Features

In our helpdesk software's ticketing system, notes play a crucial role in enriching ticket management. Private notes offer a secure space for agents to share insights and updates, invisible to clients, ensuring internal communications remain confidential. Conversely, public notes provide transparency, allowing clients to view pertinent information in a read-only format directly within the ticket. This dual-note functionality fosters comprehensive communication strategies, aligning with ITSM/ITIL standards by segregating internal discussions from client-visible updates.

Screenshot displaying the Notes group, where any number of notes can be added in Codenica helpdesk software

Managing Requested Items in Tickets

Enhancing Ticketing with Customer-Defined Needs


Advanced Request Fulfillment

Available starting from the Plus Plan, the Requested Items feature within our helpdesk software's ticketing system introduces a pivotal function for specifying service requests directly through tickets. This capability aligns with ITSM/ITIL standards by allowing customers to articulate their needs explicitly, facilitating a streamlined process for agents to address these requests efficiently. It enhances the ticket management workflow, ensuring a more responsive and effective resolution process that meets both customer expectations and service level agreements.

Screenshot showing the requested item feature in the Codenica Ticketing System

Streamlining Approvals for Service Requests

Simplifying the Approval Process within Ticket Management


Efficient Approval Workflow for Requested Items

The helpdesk software's ticket management system enhances service delivery by incorporating an approval process for requested items, starting from the Plus Plan. This feature allows agents to seek and obtain official approval directly within the ticket, ensuring that all necessary consents are gathered efficiently before proceeding. It aligns with ITSM/ITIL best practices by formalizing the approval process, improving workflow transparency, and ensuring accountability in managing service requests.

Screenshot showing the Approvals group inside a ticket in Codenica Ticket management software

Ticket Task Management for Enhanced Resolution Efficiency

Streamlining Workflow with Task Management in Tickets


Efficiently Organizing Work within Tickets

Utilize the task management feature in our help desk software to segment the resolution process into manageable tasks directly within the ticketing system. This functionality facilitates a methodical approach to problem-solving, allowing for the detailed organization and assignment of specific actions required to resolve a ticket. It enhances team collaboration and ensures that every aspect of a ticket's resolution process is accounted for and transparently managed, in alignment with ITSM/ITIL best practices for structured service delivery.

Screenshot showing task management inside a ticket in the Codenica Ticketing system

Enhancing Efficiency with Ticket Time Management

Precise Time Tracking for Effective Support


Comprehensive Time Recording within Tickets

Our helpdesk software's ticketing system integrates a sophisticated time management feature that enables the detailed tracking of time agents spend on resolving issues. This functionality allows for recording the time dedicated to specific tasks within a ticket, including any overtime hours, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of effort allocation. It aids in workload management, performance assessment, and ensures accurate billing where applicable, aligning with ITSM/ITIL standards for efficient service delivery.

Screenshot showcasing time management inside a ticket in Codenica Ticketing system software

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