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Built-In Messaging System

Exchange messages and files seamlessly between team members and customers

Universal Accessibility of the Messaging System

Effortless Communication Across Devices, Anytime


Constant Connectivity

The messaging system guarantees that if you, a team member, or a client sends a message while the recipient is offline, an email notification ensures the message isn't missed. This feature upholds continuous communication, making it possible to stay informed and responsive regardless of one's online status or location, thus maintaining a seamless flow of information across all parties involved.

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Real-Time Messaging System

Instant Communication Without Need for Refresh

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Seamless Messaging

  • Immediate Messaging: Facilitates quick exchanges between users, improving response times and user satisfaction.
  • Historical Records: Maintains conversation logs for consistent support and reference.
  • Versatile Messaging: Allows messages to both single and multiple recipients, enhancing communication flexibility.

Messaging System: Streamlining Team and Client Interactions

Versatile Communication Through the Integrated Messaging System


Team Communications

Facilitates agent collaboration, speeding up problem-solving and the exchange of vital information.


Client Communications

Enables direct, timely dialogue with clients, improving the immediacy and quality of support.


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Efficient Communication with Multiple Recipients

Broaden Your Reach with Multi-Recipient Messaging


Mass Messaging

The ability to send messages to a group significantly boosts both internal team collaboration and client engagement. This feature streamlines workflows, ensures timely updates reach all relevant parties simultaneously, and elevates the level of customer service by allowing swift dissemination of important information or responses to multiple clients at once.

Screenshot of the Codenica Helpdesk Program Showing the Creation of a New Message with Multiple Recipients Selected

Always-On Messaging for Clients Across All Devices

Client-Support Communication Without Boundaries


Client Portal Accessibility

When clients send messages through the Client Portal to support agents who are offline, an email notification is promptly sent to the agent. This ensures that no query goes unanswered, facilitating uninterrupted service and enhancing client satisfaction. It underscores the system's commitment to ensuring clients always have a direct line to support, regardless of the time or their location, thereby reinforcing the reliability and responsiveness of your support services.

Screenshot of the Codenica Help Desk Program Displaying an Open Message on the Client Portal

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