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Asset Management Software

Manage company assets from any device, organize relationships, and assign to users

Key Item Types in Asset Management Software

Versatile Configuration of Inventory Items


Managing Clients or Employees

Manage comprehensive details for internal employees or external customers, tailored to your operational needs within our Asset Management Software.


Asset Customization

Asset Management allows for the creation and full customization of various item types, catering to specific business requirements.


Organizing Documents

Document Management systematizes key documents, including invoices, warranties, and contracts, into accessible subtypes.


Vendor Relations

Vendor Management enriches asset and document handling with vendor inventory links and associated document capabilities.

Screenshot showing the settings for real-time updates in the Codenica Asset Management application.

Updating Data in Real-Time

Leveraging advanced technology, asset management software ensures immediate updates to data upon modification in the database. This synchronization occurs across the application and the Client Portal, streamlining user and client experience by eliminating the necessity for page refreshes. Additionally, it offers flexibility to customize the timing of these updates.

Real-Time Collision Detection in Asset Management

Instantly Identify Simultaneous Item Access


Collaboration Enhanced by Collision Detection

Toolbar avatars reveal when another agent is interacting with inventory items, showing whether they're viewing or editing. This feature fosters transparent collaboration, alerting users to potential overlaps in item management across all main types: Clients, Assets, Documents, and Vendors. It's designed to prevent conflicts and ensure cohesive team efforts in updating and managing inventory effectively.

Screenshot of the Codenica Asset Management application demonstrating collision detection functionality in action.

Viewing Options in Asset Management Software

Diverse Perspectives for Inventory Management

Tree Manager Functionality in Asset Management

Simplified Editing and Organization with the Tree Manager


Comprehensive Tree Manager

The Tree Manager facilitates a detailed overview and modification of inventory elements, enabling the establishment of item relationships, and streamlined communication with clients via chat or messages, enhancing inventory management across Client, Asset, Document, and Vendor Management.

Screenshot featuring the Tree Manager control interface in the Codenica Asset Management software.

Tailoring Inventory Items in Asset Management Software

Advanced Configuration for Inventory Management


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Customizing User Permissions in Asset Management Software

Tailored Permissions for Enhanced System Security and Efficiency


Role-Based User Access

Establish role-based permission accounts within the system, enabling precise assignment of rights to individual users. This structured approach ensures each team member has access only to the necessary tools and information, optimizing both security and workflow efficiency by aligning user capabilities with their responsibilities.

Screenshot of the user access settings within the Codenica Asset Management application.

Streamlining Client Management within Asset Management Software

Efficiently Organize and Access Client Information

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Client Management

  • Asset and Document Connections: Easily link clients to their assets and associated documents, like invoices, warranties, and contracts, clarifying ownership and usage.
  • View Customization: Tailor your workspace with grid, table, or detailed views to suit your workflow preferences, enhancing data visualization.
  • Tree Manager Accessibility: Quickly navigate client and employee data using the Tree Manager, positioned for optimal accessibility and efficiency.

Mode Selection: Client or Employee

Tailor Your Management Approach


Choose Between Client or Employee Mode

Opt for Employee Mode for managing internal employees within your organization, streamlining internal operations. For external customer service, switch to Client Mode. This flexibility allows you to adapt the application to different user needs, ensuring both internal employee management and external customer service are handled effectively and efficiently, without any confusion between the roles.

Screenshot presenting the settings for external client or employee profiles in the Codenica Asset Management system.

Detailed View for Each Client in Inventory

Access Comprehensive Client Information Through Detailed View

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Client Details

  • Centralized Information Access: Initiate the Detailed View from the menu to access and manage all critical client information on a single screen, simplifying oversight.
  • Bulk Modifications: Utilize the Detailed View for bulk editing of the client's assets and documents, streamlining updates and maintenance.
  • Agent Activity History: Detailed View chronicles agent actions on the client's profile, like edits and adding relationships.

Client Portal: Central Hub for Your End Users

A Unified Portal for Your Clients and Employees


Client Portal Features

The Client Portal serves as a comprehensive Self-Service platform, enabling end-users to access a knowledge base, manage their assigned assets and documents, review submitted tickets, and communicate with support through live chat and messaging. This central hub is crafted to empower your clients' customers with immediate, 24/7 access to the support and resources they need.

Screenshot showcasing the Client Portal interface in the Codenica Asset Management software.

Tailoring Client Portal Access

Detailed Control Over User Permissions


Configurable Client Portal Access

Fine-tune the client portal's user experience by setting detailed permissions, defining what elements users can see and interact with. Every feature, including visibility of assigned assets, can be customized or disabled to fit the precise needs of your clients' end-users, ensuring a personalized and secure user journey.

Screenshot illustrating the access settings for the Client Portal within the Codenica Asset Management application.

Comprehensive Asset Management Capability

Versatile Asset Handling and Customization

Efficient Asset Management

  • Tree Manager Access: Navigate swiftly to your assets using the Tree Manager. This central hub allows for editing, deleting, and crafting relationships effortlessly.
  • View Flexibility: Choose from grid, table, or detailed views to match your viewing preferences, optimizing how you interact with asset data.
  • Bulk Editing Feature: Implement widespread changes across your assets with the bulk editing feature, streamlining inventory updates and management.
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Streamlining Asset Addition to Inventory

Simplify the Process of Incorporating New Assets

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Efficient Asset Integration

  • Cloning Functionality: Leverage the cloning feature to easily replicate existing assets within the inventory for rapid expansion.
  • Quantity Specification: Define the exact quantity for addition, and the system will efficiently clone the specified number in the inventory.
  • Immediate Linking: Upon entry, seamlessly create and establish connections between new items and related documents or assets for organized tracking.

Tailoring Your Asset Types

Flexibly Design Asset Models to Fit Your Needs


Versatile Asset Creation

Craft your unique asset models for any context—be it IT, construction, education, research, or your proprietary products. Our Asset Management Software empowers you to define and manage these assets with full freedom, encouraging customization of names, properties, relationships, and how they're displayed within the application. Embrace the flexibility to adapt the system precisely to your operational requirements.

Screenshot showing the capability to create custom asset types in Codenica Asset Management Software

Comprehensive Asset Overview in Inventory

In-Depth Analysis with Detailed View

Managing Document Types in Asset Management

Streamlined Categorization for Efficient Documentation



Record purchase invoices with ease, capturing essential details such as images, linked users, assets, and related contracts or warranties for comprehensive tracking.



Efficiently manage warranty documents, noting associated photos, users, assets, contracts, and related purchase documents, ensuring all information is interconnected.



Keep a detailed record of various contracts, incorporating photos, connected users, assets, and any relevant documents to maintain a complete and accessible database.

Advanced Document Management Capabilities

Enhancing Document Interaction within Asset Management Software

Comprehensive Vendor Management

Seamless Integration with Document Management

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