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Manage company assets (IT inventory assets or any inventory assets you can easily create) from any device, organize relationships, and assign them to users

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Viewing Options in Asset Management Software

Diverse Perspectives for Inventory Management

Tree Manager Functionality in Asset Management

Simplified Editing and Organization with the Tree Manager


Comprehensive Tree Manager

The Tree Manager facilitates a detailed overview and modification of inventory elements, enabling the establishment of item relationships, and streamlined communication with clients via chat or messages, enhancing inventory management across Client, Asset, Document, and Vendor Management.

Screenshot featuring the Tree Manager control interface in the Codenica Asset Management software.

Tailoring Inventory Items in Asset Management Software

Advanced Configuration for Inventory Management

Streamlining Client Management within Asset Management Software

Efficiently Organize and Access Client Information

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Client Management

  • Asset and Document Connections: Easily link clients to their assets and associated documents, like invoices, warranties, and contracts, clarifying ownership and usage.
  • View Customization: Tailor your workspace with grid, table, or detailed views to suit your workflow preferences, enhancing data visualization.
  • Tree Manager Accessibility: Quickly navigate client and employee data using the Tree Manager, positioned for optimal accessibility and efficiency.

Detailed View for Each Client in Inventory

Access Comprehensive Client Information Through Detailed View

Client Details

  • Centralized Information Access: Initiate the Detailed View from the menu to access and manage all critical client information on a single screen, simplifying oversight.
  • Bulk Modifications: Utilize the Detailed View for bulk editing of the client's assets and documents, streamlining updates and maintenance.
  • Agent Activity History: Detailed View chronicles agent actions on the client's profile, like edits and adding relationships.
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Comprehensive Asset Management Capability

Versatile Asset Handling and Customization

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Efficient Asset Management

  • Tree Manager Access: Navigate swiftly to your assets using the Tree Manager. This central hub allows for editing, deleting, and crafting relationships effortlessly.
  • View Flexibility: Choose from grid, table, or detailed views to match your viewing preferences, optimizing how you interact with asset data.
  • Bulk Editing Feature: Implement widespread changes across your assets with the bulk editing feature, streamlining inventory updates and management.

Streamlining Asset Addition to Inventory

Simplify the Process of Incorporating New Assets

Efficient Asset Integration

  • Cloning Functionality: Leverage the cloning feature to easily replicate existing assets within the inventory for rapid expansion.
  • Quantity Specification: Define the exact quantity for addition, and the system will efficiently clone the specified number in the inventory.
  • Immediate Linking: Upon entry, seamlessly create and establish connections between new items and related documents or assets for organized tracking.
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Comprehensive Asset Overview in Inventory

In-Depth Analysis with Detailed View

Advanced Document Management Capabilities

Enhancing Document Interaction within Asset Management Software

Comprehensive Vendor Management

Seamless Integration with Document Management

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