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Helpdesk Software with Asset Management for Small Businesses

Maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction with an intuitive Helpdesk solution featuring Asset Management

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Client Portal: Empowering Your Customers

Self-Service Made Simple


Client Portal

The Client Portal transcends traditional support by offering self-service options such as knowledge base access, live chat, messaging, ticket submission, and progress tracking. This enables customers to swiftly find answers independently, elevating their satisfaction and autonomy.

Screenshot from the Codenica Helpdesk program presents the Client Portal dedicated to serving external customers or internal company employees.

Asset Management: Organizing Your Resources

Streamlined Asset Tracking


Asset Management

Integrated asset management within our help desk software allows small businesses to effortlessly track and manage both physical and digital assets in a unified application. This consolidation enhances resource utilization and simplifies asset organization, leading to improved operational efficiency.

Screenshot shows Codenica Asset Management software for managing company resources

Anywhere, Anytime Accessibility

The Power of SaaS Web Applications


SaaS Web Application

Our help desk software's SaaS web model guarantees unparalleled flexibility, enabling access from any device and location, at any time. This ensures that small businesses can offer prompt responses to customer inquiries, maintaining high service levels regardless of geographical or technological boundaries.

Security in Microsoft Azure

Data Protection and Privacy


Microsoft Azure

Leveraging Microsoft Azure's robust security features, our application ensures the safeguarding of data in private subnets and repositories. Small businesses benefit from Azure's comprehensive security measures, confidently protecting sensitive customer information and company data.

Starter Plan: Comprehensive Yet Affordable

All-in-One Solution on a Budget


Cost-Effective Solution

Designed with small businesses in mind, our Starter Plan combines essential features like the client portal, asset management, and advanced security measures at an affordable price point. This plan empowers small businesses to deliver efficient customer support and manage assets effectively, without straining their budget.

Concurrent Licensing: Cost-Effective Access

Share Accounts, Save Money


Concurrent Licensing

Our help desk software employs concurrent licensing, allowing a single account to be shared among multiple users (though not simultaneously). This model provides small businesses with a cost-efficient solution for software access, maximizing flexibility and minimizing costs.

Customizable Pricing: Pay for What You Use

Optimized Expense Management


Customizable Pricing

Our adaptable pricing model allows small businesses to scale their help desk features according to their needs, eliminating unnecessary costs for unutilized functionalities. This approach ensures that businesses pay only for what they use, optimizing their support operations financially.

Enhancing Customer Support with Technology

Leveraging Tech for Better Service


Better Service

Embracing a web-based SaaS help desk application not only refines customer support processes but also positions a small business as a technology-forward enterprise. This strategic investment boosts operational efficiency, enhances customer satisfaction, and distinguishes the business from competitors, contributing to overall growth and success.


Updating Data in Real-Time

Utilizing contemporary technology, modifications in help desk software data instantly propagate throughout the application and its Client Portal, removing the necessity for manual refreshes. Users also enjoy the option to tailor update intervals to their liking.


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