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Enterprise-Level Service Desk: Scale and Efficiency

Experience enterprise service desk solutions compliant with ITIL and ITSM standards

Enhanced Client Portal: Beyond Basic Support

ITIL-Compliant Self-Service for Complex Needs


Client Portal

The Client Portal provides customers with advanced self-service options including access to a knowledge base, live chat, messaging, and ticket submission, ensuring rapid resolution of issues and significantly enhancing customer satisfaction within an enterprise environment.

Screenshot shows the Client Portal which is an integral part of the Codenica Service Desk software

Integrated Asset Management: A Pillar of ITSM

Strategic Asset and Configuration Management


Asset Management

Our service desk integrates Asset Management with ITSM practices, offering a unified view of all enterprise assets. This integration is essential for adhering to ITIL processes, promoting the effective utilization and maintenance of assets, and supporting the overarching IT infrastructure.

Screenshot displays the Codenica Asset Management software dedicated to enterprises

Global Accessibility: Empowering Worldwide Operations

Cloud-Based Flexibility for Enterprise Scale


Cloud-based SaaS

Leveraging a cloud-based SaaS architecture, our service desk software facilitates worldwide accessibility, underpinning global operations and adherence to ITIL standards. This ensures uniform and effective support across all locations, critical for enterprise-scale operations.


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Advanced Security Measures: Protecting Enterprise Data

Enterprise-Level Security with ITIL Compliance


Microsoft Azure

Utilizing Microsoft Azure's robust security features, our service desk solution adheres to enterprise-level data protection standards, including ITIL compliance. Enterprises can trust in the safeguarding of their sensitive information through the highest security protocols.

Enterprise Subscription: A Complete ITSM Suite

From Help Desk to Comprehensive Service Desk


A Complete ITSM Suite

Our Enterprise Plan offers an extensive ITSM suite that includes ticketing, change management, problem management, and release management. Designed to meet the intricate requirements of large organizations, it ensures scalability and alignment with ITIL principles.

Screenshot from the Codenica Service Desk software for enterprises shows the ticketing system.

Licensing Flexibility: Suited for Large Teams

Adaptable Licensing for Diverse Enterprise Needs


Flexible Licensing

Flexible licensing options are designed to meet the evolving needs of enterprises, supporting a broad user base and facilitating growth. This adaptability is crucial for the widespread implementation of ITIL practices across various departments and teams.


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Custom ITSM Solutions: Tailored to Enterprise Standards

Seamless Integration and Customization


Integration and Customization

Enterprises have the ability to customize the service desk to match specific ITIL and ITSM standards, guaranteeing a smooth integration with current business systems and workflows. This level of customization fosters a unified technology ecosystem and strategic service management.

Leading with ITSM: A Technological Edge

Innovating Customer Service and Operations


Top-Tier Customer Service

Adopting a service desk for enterprises signals a dedication to superior customer service and operational efficiency, in line with ITIL and ITSM standards. By harnessing technology, it refines service management processes, offering enterprises a competitive advantage.

Screenshot showing the settings for real-time updates in the Codenica Helpdesk software.

Updating Data in Real-Time

With advanced technology, changes to service desk software data are immediately propagated throughout the application and its dedicated client module, the Client Portal. This eliminates the necessity for manual page refreshes or reloads, while also providing users the option to tailor the update frequency to suit their needs.


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