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Integrated Live Chat for Effective Communication

Real-time communication for teams and customers on any device

Live Chat: Bridging Communication Within Teams and With Clients

Seamless Interaction Through Integrated Live Chat


Team Communications

Boosts internal communication, speeding up responses and collaborative problem-solving.


Client Communications

Enables real-time support, enhancing the customer service experience and satisfaction.

Real-Time Operation of Live Chat

Seamless and Immediate Exchange of Information

Live Chat

  • Quick Messaging: Live chat ensures immediate communication, key for rapid customer query resolution and service improvement.
  • Chat History: Archives conversations for future reference, essential for consistent support and service continuity.
  • Ease of Use: Designed for simplicity, live chat is accessible and user-friendly, requiring little to no technical expertise.
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Sidebar Chat Functionality

Multitasking with Sidebar Chat


Efficient Sidebar Communication

The sidebar-integrated chat allows you to swiftly message colleagues or clients while continuing your work within the program uninterrupted, facilitating efficient multitasking and instant communication.

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24/7 Live Chat Accessibility Across Devices

Seamless Communication with Teams and Clients, Regardless of Location or Device

Always Connected

  • Offline Notifications: Sending a chat message alerts offline team members via email, ensuring no message is missed.
  • Receiving Messages: If you're offline and receive a chat message, an email notification guarantees you're always informed.
  • Chat Synchronization: Chat functionality is consistent across the profile window and sidebar, maintaining seamless communication.
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Universal Live Chat Accessibility

Uninterrupted Client-Support Communication Across All Devices


Chat Availability in the Client Portal

When messages are exchanged in the client portal and either party is offline, email notifications ensure continuous communication. This feature guarantees that no inquiry goes unnoticed, enhancing the responsiveness of support interactions and maintaining a seamless flow of information between clients and support agents, regardless of their current online status or location.

Screenshot of the Codenica Helpdesk Program Showing Chat Available for Clients and Employees on the Client Portal

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