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Optimizing Change Processes with Our Service Desk Solution

Optimize IT changes with our advanced Change Management solution

Optimize Your Change Management Process with Diverse Viewing Options

Elevate Your ITSM with Versatile Change Management Views

Agile Change Management in IT Service Desks

Empower Agile IT Change Management with Advanced Service Desk Features

Essential Change Management Attributes

Comprehensive Support for Change Management Operations


In-depth Change Property Overview

The foundation of effective change management in our service desk software is built on a comprehensive set of properties: requester details, types, priorities, categories, assigned agents, watchers, locations, departments, urgency levels, severity, impact assessments, affected services, tags, and an advanced rich text editor for thorough documentation and file attachments.

Screenshot displays a change record with visible properties in the Codenica Service Desk Software.

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Refining Change Management Configurations for ITSM Alignment

Tailored Configuration Options for Enhanced Change Processes


Adaptive Config Change Properties

Elevate your change management practices with our software's comprehensive configuration toolkit. This allows for the in-depth customization of system properties, enabling you to precisely tailor each aspect according to your unique operational requirements. By fine-tuning these attributes, you align your change management efforts more closely with ITSM/ITIL standards, driving improved process efficiency and elevating customer satisfaction levels.

Display showcases the configuration of change properties in the Codenica Service Desk software.

Managing Assets and Documents in Change Requests

Streamline Change Management with Integrated Asset and Document Attachments


Efficient Attachment of Assets and Documents

Our service desk software simplifies the process of attaching assets and documents to changes, enhancing the management and resolution of requests. This feature significantly accelerates the handling time and increases efficiency in the workflow.

The screen illustrates an asset and a document associated with a change in the Codenica Service Desk software.

Integrating Change Management Associations

Enhancing Resolution with Linked Change Management Entities


Unified Change Management through Associations

Our service desk software enhances change resolution by enabling the association of related tickets, problems, and releases directly from a change's main view. This integrated approach simplifies management, fostering a more cohesive and efficient handling of changes.

Screenshot shows a ticket linked to a change in the Codenica Change Management Software.

Documenting ITSM Changes with Notes

Enhancing Communication and Transparency in Change Management


Vital Role of Notes in Change Management

Notes within service desk software are crucial for documenting updates, facilitating communication, and tracking decisions in change management. This functionality ensures all stakeholders are informed and engaged, promoting transparency and fostering collaboration in the change process.

Screenshot shows notes attached to a change in the Codenica Service Desk software.

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Formalizing Change Requests with Approvals

Secure Formal Review and Approval for IT Changes


Critical Role of Change Approvals

In our service desk software, obtaining approvals for changes is fundamental to ensuring a structured review process prior to implementation. This critical step verifies that all proposed changes are thoroughly vetted, aligning with organizational standards and objectives.

Screenshot shows the Approvals section in Codenica Change Management software.

Strategic Change Planning in ITSM Frameworks

Comprehensive Recording for Change Execution


Structured Change Documentation

Our service desk software emphasizes the importance of meticulously recording critical information for each change, including the rationale, impact assessment, and detailed plans for rollout and potential rollback. This structured approach ensures a controlled and informed execution of changes, bolstering the organization's ITSM and ITIL practices.

Screenshot illustrates the Planning group within a change object in the Codenica Software.

Streamlining Workflows with Change Task Management

Efficient Task Distribution in Change Management


Task Segmentation for Effective Change Resolution

Our service desk software enables the segmentation of solutions into distinct, manageable tasks, streamlining the execution within the change management framework. This feature allows for precise task allocation and oversight, facilitating an organized and efficient approach to managing work related to changes.

Screenshot showcases task management within a change in the Codenica Service Desk software.

Optimizing Operations with Change Time Management

Enhancing Efficiency Through Time Tracking in Change Management


Detailed Time Tracking for Change Tasks

The change management system in our service desk software includes comprehensive time tracking capabilities, enabling the detailed logging of hours spent by agents on changes. This feature allows for categorization by task and includes the calculation of overtime, ensuring a thorough understanding of time allocation and promoting efficiency in managing changes.

Screenshot displays the time management mechanism within the Codenica Change Management software.

Comprehensive Logging with Change Activities

Detailed Tracking in Change Management


Full History of Change-Related Actions

Our service desk software meticulously records each action associated with changes, presenting a detailed history within the Activities section. This ensures a complete understanding and visibility of all steps taken for every specific request, facilitating accountability and transparency in the change management process.

Screenshot shows a view of a specific change's activities in the Codenica Change Management software

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