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Advanced Team Collaboration System in Help Desk & Service Desk with Asset Management Software

Enhance collaboration on customer issues, ensuring alignment with Your requirements

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Promoting Collaboration and Efficiency

Effective Collaboration Within Our Platform Is Paramount to Accelerating Workflow and Delivering Exceptional Service to End Customers


Specialized Teams

In Help Desk and Service Desk modes, establish specialized teams for diverse ticket management aspects. This approach ensures focused expertise is applied to each category of issues, enhancing resolution quality and speed.


Agent Roles

Customizable permission settings allow fine-tuning access for different agent roles, optimizing team functionality and efficiency. This flexibility in role assignment ensures that agents can operate within their expertise, safeguarding data while maximizing operational efficiency.


Watcher Mentorship

Experienced agents support and mentor colleagues by subscribing to relevant tickets using the watchers feature. This feature fosters a collaborative environment, enhancing team knowledge and response strategies over time.

Team Collision Detection System

Thanks to a Clever Real-Time System for Monitoring Every Agent's Actions in the System, Avoiding Issues with Multiple People Working on the Same Ticket Is Easy and Transparent

Icon in the Top Left Corner of Every Ticket

This Subtle Signal, an Icon in the Top Left Corner of Each Ticket, Allows for Quick Orientation in Collaborative Ticket Work

Screenshot of a Ticket in the Codenica Helpdesk with a Check Icon in the Top Left Corner

You're Up to Date!

The check symbol icon signifies you're the last person who edited the ticket, ensuring you're always aware of your contributions. This clarity in ticket handling streamlines workflow and prevents overlap in ticket management efforts.

Screenshot of a Ticket in the Codenica Helpdesk with Headphone Icon in the Top Left Corner

Another Agent Has Made a Change!

The headphone icon alerts you that another agent has recently updated the ticket, prompting you to review the modifications made. Keeping agents informed about ticket updates facilitates seamless teamwork and efficient problem-solving.

Screenshot of a Ticket in the Codenica Helpdesk with a Figure Icon in the Top Left Corner

The Client Has Made Changes!

The figure icon indicates the requester, or client, was the last to edit the ticket, suggesting a review of their changes is essential. Direct communication from clients through ticket updates allows for more responsive and tailored support solutions.

Avatar Border Color Meaning

Monitor the Colors of the Avatar Borders Changing in Real Time to Know in Which Mode Other Agents Are Working with the System's Items

Screenshot from the Codenica Helpdesk app showing a user avatar with a white border.

White Avatar Border

The white border on an agent's avatar signifies no specific interaction with system elements, possibly indicating browsing through items without engaging in detail.

Screenshot from Codenica Helpdesk software presenting a blue avatar border.

Blue Avatar Border

A blue avatar border means the agent is viewing details of an item, like an asset or ticket, in various views such as grid, table, or Tree Manager.

Screenshot displaying an orange avatar border in Codenica Helpdesk software.

Orange Avatar Border

Orange borders show an agent is editing an element—be it an asset or ticket—across any view mode or within the Tree Manager, signaling active modifications.

Screenshot with green borders of two avatars in the Codenica Helpdesk system.

Green Avatar Border

Green signifies that the agent, along with others, is viewing item details without editing, highlighting collaborative inspection without modification.

Screenshot showing pink avatar borders in the Codenica Helpdesk application.

Pink Avatar Border

Pink warns of potential conflicts, indicating an element under detailed view by others is being edited, alerting viewers to possible imminent data changes.

Screen presenting red borders of avatars in Codenica Helpdesk software.

Red Avatar Border

Red signals a direct conflict, occurring when multiple agents edit the same element simultaneously, necessitating immediate coordination.

How to Read an Agent's Location in the Application Based on the Avatar Icon

Before You Learn to Quickly Identify What Each Agent Is Currently Doing in the System, You Can Use the Sidebar as a Cheat Sheet


Sidebar as a Quick Reference

Display the sidebar to understand the meaning behind each icon, allowing you to determine precisely what sections of the system other agents are engaging with at any moment. This feature acts as an intuitive guide, mapping icons to their respective system sections, facilitating quick orientation and fostering a more cohesive team collaboration environment.

Screenshot Shows the Sidebar of the Codenica Helpdesk Application

Avatar Icon Background Color Meaning

Observe the Background Color of the Agent's Avatar Icon to Orient Yourself on What Mode They Are Working in Within a Specific Section of the Application

Screenshot from Codenica Helpdesk software showing a blue background for the icon next to the user's avatar.

Blue Avatar Icon Background

The blue background signifies an agent is in list mode, viewing system elements like assets or tickets. Items are displayed in grid or table view, allowing for a broad overview.

Screenshot presenting a green background for the icon next to the user's avatar in Codenica Helpdesk.

Green Avatar Icon Background

A green background indicates the agent is in detailed mode, fully focusing on a specific element such as an asset or ticket. This mode presents the element in full-page view for in-depth examination.

Screenshot from the Codenica Helpdesk app with a violet background for the user's avatar icon.

Violet Avatar Icon Background

Violet signifies the agent is adding new elements to the system, such as assets, documents, or tickets. This mode facilitates the expansion and update of the system's content.


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