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Self-Service Client Portal

Empowering customers with 24/7 access and full control over their support experience

Serving Diverse Customer Bases Through the Client Portal

Tailoring Support for Internal Employees or External Customers


Internal Employees

Opt for this option to deliver unparalleled support to your company’s employees, enhancing their satisfaction and productivity with our self-service portal.


External Customers

This choice is ideal for managing warranty and post-warranty services for external clients, ensuring they receive efficient and responsive support through the client portal.

Client Portal is a communication hub for your clients

A Unified Platform for Client Interaction: Knowledge Base, Assets, Tickets, and Direct Communication

Enhanced Self-Service Client Portal

  • Accessible 24/7 from any device, our portal offers your clients instant, installation-free access to support resources.
  • Efficient self-help options via the knowledge base and direct access to live chat and messaging ensure swift problem resolution.
  • Clients experience your exclusive branding throughout the portal, reinforcing your company’s identity and the quality of service provided.
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Customizing the Client Portal for User Preferences

Attention to Detail Enhances Customer Perception of Your Brand


Dark or Light Mode

Clients have the freedom to select either a dark or light theme for their Client Portal experience.


Color Theme

The Client Portal allows customers to personalize the color scheme to match their personal style.


Preferred Language

The portal supports multiple languages, enabling customers to choose the one they're most comfortable with.

Self-Service Knowledge Base

Easily Accessible Solutions for Your Clients or Employees at Any Time, Anywhere


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Viewing Assigned Assets and Documents

Access to Assigned Assets and Documents in a Non-Editable Format

Enhanced Ticketing System

Comprehensive Access to Submitted Tickets with Full Filter and Group Capabilities

Creating a New Ticket

User-Friendly Ticket Creation on the Client Portal


A New Ticket

Effortlessly, your clients or employees can generate a new ticket, directly attaching relevant assets and documents. This facilitates a swift and accurate issue resolution process, ensuring all pertinent information is readily available to the support team, enhancing the efficiency of the support provided through the Client Portal.

Screenshot of the Codenica Help Desk Program Showing New Ticket Creation on the Client Portal

Integrated Live Chat Feature

Enabling Instantaneous Discussions Between Clients and Support


Live Chat Efficiency

The built-in live chat facilitates direct, real-time conversations with clients, centralized alongside other pertinent client data within the platform. This eliminates the need for external communication tools, streamlining support interactions and ensuring that engaging with your clients is efficient, effective, and contained within a single, easily accessible location.

Screenshot of the Codenica Helpdesk Program Displaying Live Chat on the Client Portal

Integrated Messaging System

Providing a Messaging Alternative with File Attachments


Messaging System Flexibility

Our integrated messaging system offers clients a robust alternative to live chat. It consolidates communication within a single platform, removing the hassle of navigating through email inboxes for message threads or file attachments. This streamlined approach ensures that messages and files are easily accessible, enhancing the efficiency of client support interactions and maintaining all communication in one organized location.

Screenshot of the Codenica Help Desk Program Displaying New Message Creation on the Client Portal

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Overview of Client Activities

Comprehensive Access to Activity History on the Client Portal


Viewing Activities

Clients can access a detailed timeline on the Client Portal, showcasing all their actions and interactions within the system. This feature allows for easy tracking of their activities, including ticket submissions, and any adjustments made to their profile or settings. It offers transparency and a sense of control over their engagement with support services, enhancing their experience and trust in the support process.

Screenshot of the Codenica Helpdesk Program Displaying Client Activity on the Client Portal

Personalizing the Client Portal

Extensive Branding Options for a Tailored Client Interface


Customizable Branding

The platform offers extensive branding customization, including uploading your company banner with its logo and selecting a default theme and color scheme to match your corporate identity. This flexibility ensures that your Client Portal not only functions as an extension of your support services but also as a seamless part of your overall brand presence, enhancing client recognition and loyalty.

Screenshot of the Codenica Help Desk Program Displaying Branding Configuration Options in the Application Settings

Tailoring Client Portal Access

Flexible Permission System to Meet Diverse Customer Needs


Configurable Client Access

Our system's customizable access levels let you determine exactly which features and information are available to your clients. From visibility settings to functional capabilities, you have the control to ensure the Client Portal serves the unique needs of your clientele efficiently, thereby enhancing user satisfaction and streamlining the support experience.

Screenshot of the Codenica Helpdesk Program Showing Client Access Configuration Options in the Application Settings

Frequently Asked Questions


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